Project presentations

We are in the midst of project presentations at the moment. Everyone has done a great job and we have all learned so much about different history topics. Here are a few pictures of the presenters so far.

Narayan on ‘Cricket’

Matthew on his ancestor ‘Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy’

Martin on ‘video games’

Alessia on ‘Irish presidents’

Shane on ‘Ancient Egypt’

Hugo on ‘Butlers Chocolate’. He wrote an email telling Butlers that he was doing their company as a project and they offered to send some free samples for his class. He brought them in to share with us.

Daniel on ‘Ceylon Tea’

Elizabeth ‘Civil Rights Movement’

Sam on ‘Collosseum’

Emma on ‘Dolls’

Mr Malseed, who used to teach in our school, came to visit us and told us many interesting things to help us with our school history project. We loved hearing what he had to say. It was just wonderful.

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