Our History Project

We have started a History project on Kill O’ the Grange. Each group has a different topic to research and we are doing really well in our groups. We have had a number of guest speakers into our classroom. Abi’s mum, Mrs Fortune, came in to tell us about her school days and how things have changed over time. Sandra, our school secretary, was one of the first pupils in the old school and she told us tonnes of fascinating facts about her time in KOTG, then and now. Sandra has a yellow folder, which contains artefacts of her school days. It was so interesting to see and incredible to learn about. We also had Ms Harris come to visit as well. She was a pupil here and she remembers the old school being demolished and watching from her classroom. Ms Harris told us great facts about how the school has changed since she was young. Diane, who works in our room, also told us incredible things about her school days. Mrs McBain also told us some anecdotes and great information about her time in the school. Thank you to everyone for helping us and for your superb information.

We are making PowerPoints, booklets, posters and models to demonstrate the history in our school and we can’t wait to present these to the classes. Check out some pictures of the guest speakers who came to visit us. Thank you again for all your time and for the superb information.

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