Drama and nursery rhymes

On Thursday we had drama, we did hot seating. Abi and Hugo got pulled out of the hat and pretended to be a Native American people. It was really funny when they did different accents and when they were pretending to not know things in the classroom. They each had choose a prop. Abi choose a feather and put it in her hair and Hugo choose a pencil ✏️. We studied how a character would act, feel or speak.

In English, we also did nursery rhymes, we could pick a nursery rhyme like Humpty Dumpty and make your own you could make it funny or happy. We learned how to write a nursery rhyme and what makes them unique.

Everyone did their first draft, then a week after we did the second draft, which is fixing it and making it your best piece of work it was really fun to do. Have a look at our super work.

By Roisín, Abi and Zarah.

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