Some updates from Rang a Ceathair

Clay creations

Yesterday in Art, we were experimenting with clay and learning some new skills. We were pulling it, squashing it, rolling it into balls and making shapes. We then used these new skills to build some pinch pots based on the theme of Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty, which we are learning about. They primarily used bronze and had lots of beautiful pottery, which we tried to recreate. We also used tools to create some Chinese symbols and shapes on the pinch pots. Check them out so far below.

Congratulations to Elizabeth from our class who is our ‘Gaeilgeoir na Coicíse’. We can’t wait to see who it will be in two weeks time. Maith thú 😀

Drama based on the theme of Love.

We were experimenting with still images and thought tracking to demonstrate the theme of love as it was Valentine’s Day very recently. Great job.

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