Building self-esteem and other updates!

We have done a lot of work this year on building self-esteem and positive thinking. We have a kindness jar that we add to each day and read from each afternoon. It’s a great way to acknowledge the little kind things everyone does that can sometimes go unnoticed.

We also have a quote bubble that we have added to the room. We come up with positive, inspiring quotes to help us with our day’s work. Lots of boys and girls in Fourth have been brainstorming quotes they would like to be included next. Great work. Our current quote is ‘to be kind, is to be cool’

Ms McGurk will be leaving us on Friday and we have loved having her. We decided to make her a card as a class and write some lovely adjectives to describe her on a whiteboard. We took pictures of this and will be including this with her card. Check out what we came up with.

Thank you Ms McGurk for all your hard work and creativity. The class you will teach next are very fortunate.

One thought on “Building self-esteem and other updates!

  1. Thank you very much 4th Class 😊 What a lovely blog post! I have really enjoyed teaching you all. We have had so much fun and you have all worked so hard.
    Ms. McGurk 😊

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