Ms McGurk is here to teach Fourth Class

We are very lucky to have a brilliant teacher like Ms McGurk for the next four weeks. we are learning about Native Americans, we have learnt about teepees (tipi, tepee), we also learnt that they have a male chief and that whenever they move lands the women have to take down the teepee ⛺️ and put them back in their new land! We also have been doing totem poles.

It has been so much fun, thank you Ms McGurk. For Drama, we all got a picture based on native Americans and we are making up a drama to show the picture as a still image.

We have also been learning about decimals. We created some cool ‘exploding decimals’ to count on in tenths. We are now learning how to add, subtract and divide with decimals.

We also have a creative writing prompts wall. Some many exciting things are going on and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

By Lily, Ella and Abi F

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