Constructing Bridges

Last Friday, we spent some time talking about ‘Bridges’. We talked about materials they are built from, famous bridges and types of bridges. We made a plan in our table groups to construct a bridge using different materials. We talked through which materials would be suitable/unsuitable and why this may be.

Before we began our bridges, we discussed and completed four experiments with paper and different objects of our choice. The aim was to create a bridge using everyday classroom materials, but to arrange a piece of paper in four different ways and explore the results (flat across the top, folded at each end, folded at each end and with an arch at the bottom, a corrugated piece of paper) we did lots of tests with weights and cubes to try and see which arrangement was stronger and to inform us of what we could do differently when assembling our bridges.

We then finished our plans for our bridges and got into our groups to begin constructing. Our plans were super and each group made sure each member was responsible for collecting a different object. Great teamwork. Let’s see the bridges in progress.

What a great job Rang a Ceathair. We will show our finished products very soon.

Here are some pictures from our planning process as well.

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