First day of Fourth Class

Yesterday was the first day in 4th class, it was so much fun. 

First of all, there is a new boy in our classroom, his name is Andrew. He is so nice like everyone in our class. When we all came in to our new class we all were allowed to pick a game from the games press. We also did some creative writing. We also wrote our names on our copies. Then we played some games together as a class. The Hat picked some people to talk about our Summer. 

Next we did some art about where our feet had been this summer. Next we did some drama, someone was called up and had to mime out something for everyone else to guess. It was an awesome 1st day in 4th class, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future of 4th class. By-Daniel and Matthew

2 thoughts on “First day of Fourth Class

  1. Forth class has bean Great so far we have bean doing loads of art and in history we are learning about the Medieval times.I am so excited to do our history projects this year and I am excited to do harder and new stuff.
    My little sister Edie started school and she loves it and she loves her teacher too.

    by Scarlett

    • Glad you’ve enjoyed Fourth Class so far, Scarlett. Keep posting on the blog and you can even create your own post too 🙂 Ms Willoughby

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