Menu Writing

Today the choir went on a trip to celebrate their success this year. While the choir were gone, the rest of Fourth Class did some menu writing.

We got lots of options and Ms Willoughby took our order.

We read out our stories for the class and it was exciting to read so many stories from different genres. Free writing is so much fun and so interesting to listen to.

Role on the wall, our drama strategy.

Last Thursday Conor drew Jonah on a big piece of paper.

Jonah’s outline was for ‘Lucy’ in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We all wrote on little post its saying how Lucy felt on the outside and what she thought on the inside. We focused on a dramatic part of the novel. Well done Jonah for being an EXCELLENT MODEL. Here are some Penny

Our balloon 🎈🎈 bash!!!

Yesterday was very exciting. Every day we pop📌 a new 🎈. Yesterday it was Megan. She doesn’t have to do today’s written 📚 she has a comfy cushion and she gets nice 👍 words written about her on the whiteboard.

We can’t wait for our day and we can be celebrated in the classroom.

By Jack C and Cameron

The active fourth class!!!!👍

We love P.E!!! It is really fun and active! We are such an active class! When we are in p.e we are always doing sports and GoNoodle, for a movement break between classes. We do football with Larry and Garry, and we do Dodgeball. We have also just started Athletics. Here our some photos of us being active!

We were even active in Drama. We learned a new strategy called conscience alley. We also did a strategy called role on the wall. We look at the protagonist in our novel and discussed his internal feelings and what we can tell from the outside. This is on display at the moment in our room.

By Charlotte B and Tom

Happy April fools day !!

Our class was full of tricks yesterday!

But we were still working hard

Lately, we have been learning about inferring.

Our class is great at inferring, we used Kensuke’s Kingdom as an example. We made inferences and then found evidence to support our inferences. Ms McGurk was teaching us how to summarize as well. We are learning so many new and fun reading strategies.

By Lauren

World book week

Last Friday we got to dress up as our favorite book character. Today we got book tokens to get a free book.When we dressed up as our favorite book characters, one person from each class won. They get to pick a free book from the bookshop that we will have soon!!

Our projects are on a roll everyone as picked a topic and has started!!👍 We are getting our scrapbooks today everyone is excited.